Children all over the world are gift to humanity

Children all over the world are gift to humanity

People love them because of their tenderness, innocence and humility. They bring Joy to the family that have the grace of having them. The Bible calls them ‘A heritage from the Lord’. A fruit of the womb and a powerful instrument in the hand of a warrior. Ps. 127:3 and 4a.

 However, children are also a responsibility to the Parents. Hence the Bible enjoins the parents to Provide, Train, Discipline and lead them. Ps 22:6, 23: 13-14. Children are known by their deeds (prov. 20:11). Christ in his ministry likened the entrance into the kingdom of Heaven (Mk 18:2-5) to being converted and become as children.

The future of a Nation, family and society is dependent on how well we take care for the Children and plan for their development. Unfortunately, our Nation has not full taken up this sacred responsibility.

Human development has taken the back seat, schools are dilapidated, Government pay lip service to the care of children. Health facilities are nothing to write home about. Parents of children are still being owed, children are not well fed, all these are besetting the development of our children.

The church which should have been in the vanguard and champion of child development have to some extent failed.

Our sermon which will be given by Pastor Samuel Ogungbemi is dedicated to commemorate 2018 Children’s Day. Pastor Ogungbemi has been in the children’s ministry for over 25 years. The lord is through his ministration calling all of us to our responsibility.

We appreciate you and welcome you to our service. Happy children’s Day. God bless you.


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