TEXTS: Mrk. 16:15; Matt. 28: 19 


We thank God immensely that Jesus had come to the world and perfected the work of the salvation of our souls.  Yesterday, we commemorated His Resurrection. Today we commemorate His meeting with His disciples at Galilee. When we remember Galilee what are the significant things we should bear in mind and why did Jesus command His disciples to meet him there?  Matt. 26:32, 28:7

  1. Worship (Matt. 28:17): And when they saw Him, they worshipped Him, that is, they bowed down before Him to give Him His due reverence/honour and praise for the work of redemption which He accomplished.  Rev. 5:9,13-14. It is a good thing to worship the Lord for whom He is and for what He does. Though we are observing Galilee in our respective homes at this time in House Fellowship let us also bow before Him and worship Him wholeheartedly for He is the Lord and for the work of redemption which He did for us.
  2. Proclamation of Peace for His Disciples (John 20:21) ahead of commissioning. Let us use the opportunity this time avails us to pray for peace in our lives, our home, our community, our city, our state, the Church of God, our country and the entire world. May the Prince of Peace sweep away Covid-19 pandemic. It is easier to  preach when peace pervades every place. 
  3. He gave them a commission Matt. 28:18-20, Mrk. 16:15. He had completed His assignment (coming from the glory of God to the cross). Now it is left to His disciples because the plan of salvation must be proclaimed to all so that they may hear and believe. Lk. 24: 44-47. 

There are four “Go Ye” Great Commissions.  Go and make people His disciples. Before this task: (i) We must preach the gospel to them as projected by the Gospel according to Mark  Mk. 16:15 (ii) Thereafter we make them His disciples; (iii) We are to baptise them; (iv) We must teach them. 

The authority and assurance that He gave them Matt. 28:18 He gave them the assurance that there would be no evil; He gave them rest of mind. And this is true Phi 2:8-11; 1 Pet. 3:22

The obedience of the Apostles and the Disciples. Were those commanded obedient to His instruction? They were obedient. Let us see Mk.16:19-20; Acts 3:12, 4: 8-12. They received Divine support because they obeyed the command. They were not ashamed of the gospel. What is the disposition of the present generation to this command?

  1. THE UNFINISHED TASK: For the contemporary Church the essence of our meeting in Galilee is to re-enact the Great Commission to preach the gospel, a commission which the early disciples obeyed without looking back. We have received the same commission today as we commemorate Galilee. Soul winning is a task that is yet to be done (an unfinished business). Every individual Christian has a part to play. We must arise quickly to perform this task because-
  • The harvest is plenteous. Matt. 9:37. Many souls are perishing every day. Spiritual darkness, idolatry, violence, ungodliness, are multiplying; false religion is increasing, complacency about soul winning portends a great danger for the future of the Church as it is the case with some countries we read about. (like Turkey). Complacency may make us guilty of the blood of unbelievers. Ezek. 3:17-18, 33:6-8.
  • The Lord has promised to back us up with His power Lk.10:19; Matt. 28:19. Let us wait to receive the promise and great power for this task  Lk. 24:49. He has promised to confirm the work with signs Mrk. 16:17-18. May we not be guilty in the discharge of this commission in Jesus’ Name.


Our obedience to the Lord’s command including soul winning shall be rewarded in this world and in the world to come. Soul winners are promised the crown of life and other blessings. Therefore, Galilee Day is not to wine and dine or display costly apparels. One of its purposes is to remind us of one of the core responsibilities committed to us and to stir us up to do it in full. May God help us. Happy Easter!



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