WHO IS THIS MATT 21:10 – 11

LESSON:  MATT 21:1 – 11

Today, all over the world is acclaimed to be PALM SUNDAY, this describe the Triumphant Entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem and its preceded. The Passion Week which describes the challenges Christ faced enroute his cruxifisim and resurrection.

All the synoptic Gospel regarded the Triumphant Entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem |(Mark 11:1 – 11, Luke 19: 28 – 40, John 12: 12 – 19).

Everything that happened to Jesus in His ministry was a confirmation of a prophesy earlier said about him in the Old Testament.

The scenario that surrounded the Triumphant Entry was prophesised by Prophet Zechariah in Zec. 9:9 “The Triumphant Entry is clearly a symbolic act. Zec 9:9 was recognized as messianic by Jews and the Hosanna to the son of David Mt.. 21:9 as well as the spreading of cloaks on the ground indicates that the crowd recognizes Jesus claim to be the Messiah” (ref New Geneva study Bible). All the prophesies about Jesus Christ were wrongly conceived by the Jesus. The persons of Jesus Christ was also questioned Mt. 13:53-58. Jesus knew His mission so he was unperturbed by the seemingly rejection by His peple He remained focused. Having carried His assignment to a point he predicted His death and resurrect Mt.20:17 – 19, Mt………. Mt. 10 :32 – 34, Lk 18:31 – 33. In one occasion when He knew his time up. “He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem” Lk 9:51 but at this did not materialize until chapter 19 of the Gospel of Luke (Lk 19:28-40).

Prior to the experience of Palm Sunday, Christ performed a great miracle which made a great multitude to follow him Mt.20:29 – 34 so were two categories of audience that followed him in His entry to Jerusalem, the crowd were Galileans and Judeans around Jerusalem in verse 9 of Mt 21, the Bible ……. Then the multitudes who went before and those who followed cried out saying.

Hosanna to the son of David. However in verse 10 the Bibles when He has gone into Jerusalem all the city was moved saying WHO IS THIS verse 11 so the multitude said this is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth of Galilee. The multitude of Bethpage called Hosanna meaning. Salvation, urgent cry for help, an appeal for deliverance (SAVE PLEASE), while the multitude in Jerusalem says WHO IS THIS the answer to this question in verse 11 was said to disparage Jesus, the said to mock remember a question that was asked in Jh 1:46 by Nathanael can anything good come out of Nazareth?

Brethren, where do you belong are you a member of the multitude of Bethphage or the multitude form Jerusalem. Whichever you belong to, there is need for you to know WHO IS JESUS…. Fortunately the Gospel of Mathew answered the question.

  • Jesus is the son of David, the son of Abraham Mt 1:1
  • He is Jesus The savior Mt 1:21
  • He is Emmanuel God with us Mt 1:23
  • He is the king of the Jews Mt 2:2
  • He is a prince and a Shepherd Mt 2:3
  • He is LORD Mt 3:11
  • He will baptized with Holy Spirit and fire Mt 3:11
  • He GOD’S beloved son Mt3:12
  • He is the son of the living GOD Mt 16:16, 24 – 28

What evidence or testimony were they looking for brethren as the Jews could not claim ignorance about the person of Jesus Christ so also you cannot?

Jesus is persecuted to you as the Saviour of the world one of the reasons while he rode into Jerusalem as a messiah is for save you from your sins Lk 1: 77 and 79. Give your life to him and He will save you whosoever believe in His shall not be cast away. Jh 3:16.

It is dangerous to ignore this wonderful call Heb 2:3



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